The Case for Company Smartphones

Let’s get straight to the point. It’s a no-brainer that the business world, let alone your company, would not be able to run efficiently without today’s technological advances.

And what’s one crucial piece of workplace technology that’s often overlooked? Smartphones.

Think about it. With the statement, “There’s an app for that”, proven time and time again with computer-native software transitioning into mobile apps on a daily basis (like Microsoft SharePoint) a smartphone can become a vital communication and productivity tool for the traveling employee.

On the fence, still? Consider this.

On-Call Employees

If you don’t have a traveling employee, you might have an on-call employee. Being able to contact this type of employee is crucial. Providing them with a reliable smartphone can better your chances of getting in contact with them immediately.

Employee Company Smartphones = Employee Phone Numbers

Considering that employee company smartphones belong to your business, so does the phone’s number. In the event that an employee no longer works for your business, you can easily transfer the number to another employee while concurrently saving business calls.

Safety and Security

If an employee witnesses unsafe activity, having a device that is not only designated for company communication but also equipped with a camera, makes documenting and reporting these concerns much easier.

Client Communication

Not only can a company smartphone increase company communication, it can better your communication with clients as well. One strong asset any good salesperson (especially those that travel) has is flexibility, and the more means employees have to communicate with their clients, the better they can perform.

Providing your employees with the opportunity to communicate and work beyond their desk or computer is a necessity for today’s evolving workforce, especially with more and more work being done on mobile devices.

When choosing employee company smartphones, you don’t have to make this decision alone. OSG will help you find the right smartphones for your company. Chat with us today.

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