The Best Protection for Your Company Computers

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Nowadays, a computer is a key factor in helping you run your business. So when it comes to preserving such an important asset, having the right protection is a necessity.

Here are the solutions we stand by:

For Viruses


Branded as “smarter cybersecurity,” this virus protection software goes the extra mile. It not only protects computers from common threats like viruses and ransomware but also protects sensitive information from data to your identity.

This software offers:

  • Real-time phishing restrictions
  • Firewall and network connection monitoring
  • Security for smartphones and tablets (Plus version)
  • Account login protection (Plus version)
  • Online history records elimination (Complete version)
  • Online storage (Complete version)

This program is available for Mac and Windows.

Equip your computers with the best software.

For Recovery

StorageCraft ShadowProtect

When it comes to protecting your hard drive and virtual Windows system, this software does the job well. It’s able to cut downtime, revamp security and stability, and lower costs with these features:

  • System backups and backup scheduling
  • Remote management
  • Testing
  • File and system recovery
  • System migration

This solution is available for Windows.

For Auditing

ADAudit Plus

Know what’s going on with your system at all times with this extensive auditing program.

This web-based solution gives you the scoop on:

  • Insider threats
  • User logins
  • Reports (Custom, Profile-based, Compliance)
  • Data archiving
  • File server auditing
  • Windows server auditing

This solution is available for Windows.

From safekeeping your computers to knowing the ins-and-outs of your system’s activities, OSG can supply you with the best company computer protection and solutions. Chat with us to learn more.

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