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Avoid Costly Errors with OSG’s IT Consulting Services

The right IT decisions are easier to make when you partner with a leading IT consulting firm.
Why choose OSG for IT consulting in Cicero?

  • Gain strategic IT insights with our network assessment and IT strategy consulting report.
  • Identify weak or redundant areas of your network and find solutions easier with the help of our consultants
  • Reduce costs through increased efficiency and only upgrading areas in need
  • Keep your data safe through our cybersecurity services, which are provided at no extra cost
  • Take control of your IT expenses thanks to our all-in pricing model, so there are no surprises

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IT Solutions Consulting That Can Improve Your Operations

Long-Term System Improvements

IT systems are constantly evolving with advancements and the need to deal with new cyber threats.

But where do you start?

We’re a consultancy company familiar with the latest developments, and our expert IT consultants in Cicero can show you the best way forward.

We offer:

  • Systems integrations
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Improved network interoperability
  • cybersecurity
  • And more

Ensure your network can handle the latest innovations with expert insight from one of the top IT consulting companies in Cicero.

Network Efficiency and Durability

An underperforming IT network can lead to downtime and lost productivity, even making your business less competitive.

As one of the top IT consulting companies in Cicero, you can leverage our professional services to forge ahead with your digital transformation.

Benefit from IT consultants in Cicero that will cover:

  • Ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Regular security testing
  • And more

Improve network reliability and performance with help from one of Cicero’s top IT consulting firms.

Enhance Your Cyber Defenses

Cyber criminals never rest, becoming more skilled every day. Don’t let them hold your corporate data for ransom or otherwise put your businesses at risk!

We’re one of the leading IT consulting firms in Cicero, and we provide something many other IT consulting companies don’t: cybersecurity services at no extra cost.

Our top IT consulting includes:

  • Regular password testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Security awareness training
  • And more

Enjoy outstanding day-to-day cybersecurity from OSG.

Business Communication Enhanced

Achieve your business goals faster with a VoIP system that can enhance your enterprise-wide communication.

As one of Cicero’s top IT consulting companies, our experts in management consulting can demonstrate how VoIP is superior to traditional phone systems: 

  • Better call quality
  • Detailed call logging
  • Low deployment costs
  • Unlimited growth options
  • And more

Our VoIP and other managed services let us continuously deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

Complete Your Digital Transformation

Don’t have your head in the cloud yet? You should!

The benefits of the cloud are many. It’s easier to keep your data safe from local disasters. It’s easier to have a state-of-the-art firewall to secure from attack. And, it saves on capital expenses.

Let our Cicero consultants help you migrate to the cloud, where you will enjoy:

  • Ongoing consulting services
  • Quick data access
  • Cloud storage and backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • And more

IT Management Consulting by the Numbers

23 Years

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Extra charges for travel time and after-hours support


Combined technical certifications held by our staff and SMEs

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Cicero IT Consulting Services

The Single Vendor Advantage in IT Consultants

When you are researching IT consulting firms, it is wise to choose one that offers all services under one roof. As you can imagine, utilizing multiple Cicero IT consulting firms to complete your information technology consulting needs can lead to redundancy, confusion, and unnecessary expenses.

OSG runs a tight ship, offering all managed services, so you aren’t forced to deal with multiple contacts at multiple locations.

You’ll have one point of contact with OSG’s own Cicero IT consultants, and only one invoice, with no hidden fees or markups.

It’s yet another way OSG works to find efficiencies for our clients.

IT Consulting Services

Affordable IT Consulting Without Extra Fees

Most IT consulting firms have a list of pricey optional extras, and less-than-obvious fees that can quickly add up. Don’t be given a confusing pricing structure that leads to you paying more than you should.

As one of the leading IT consulting firms in Cicero, our goal is to provide the best service, with up-front fees, so there are no surprises.

Our IT consulting services in Cicero feature:

  • A straightforward all-in fee structure
  • In-house service management
  • Advanced cybersecurity services
  • No charge after-hours, on-site support, even during holidays

Other Cicero IT consulting companies can’t match the value we offer. 

Partner with us, and you’ll have the most cost-effective IT consulting services in Cicero.

IT Consulting Services

We’re an IT Consulting Firm in Cicero that offers Complete Flexibility

IT strategy consulting is a two-way street. We listen to the client and assess their business needs, while also telling us their expectations and budget. We then craft a solution that provides the best service. That’s how great partnerships are forged.

As one of the area’s top IT consulting firms, our goal is to deliver the most reliable IT consultancy possible, while exceeding your expectations. 

Our guarantee is your peace of mind. If our IT solutions consulting services do not deliver on expectations, we offer a 90-day opt-out clause and a 100% money-back guarantee, in writing.

We measure success by our satisfied clients, and by being the best IT consulting firm in Cicero.