Chicago SonicWALL Firewall Support
Need Help With Your Firewall?

Need Help With Your SonicWALL Firewall?

If you need help with your SonicWALL implementation, contact Outsource IT Solutions Group. Our network security specialists can install your firewall with minimal disruption to your operations.  

Chicago SonicWALL Firewall Support

SonicWALL Support In Chicago

If you travel with a laptop or have Wi-Fi enabled, it’s not that hard for a bad actor to break into your network if the firewall isn’t equipped to keep them out. Once a malefactor gets into your system, they can unleash a denial of service bug that disables your network. If your network provides customer access, you can’t afford extended downtime. That’s why more companies are choosing SonicWALL to safeguard their network security.

If you need help with your SonicWALL implementation, contact Outsource IT Solutions Group today. Our network security specialists can install your firewall with minimal disruption to your operations.

Who Uses SonicWALL?

If you have a small to midsize business with more than a few computers and employees, a network firewall makes sense and helps to secure company and customer data. SonicWALL firewalls are designed to meet the needs of SMBs. Whether you run a small nonprofit or large enterprise, SonicWALL devices can provide safe communications in the office, with customers and during remote access. Powered by the SonicOS operating system, SonicWALL firewalls detect, deflect and report unauthorized attempts to get into your network.

SonicWALL uses service objects and groups to simplify firewall administration. However, you don’t have to figure that out on your own. Outsource IT Solutions Group networking experts come to you to install, configure, test and troubleshoot your SonicWALL devices.

How Does SonicWALL Protect Your Network and Data?

Using SonicWALL firewalls, we can set up service groups and objects for common tools — VCN, ShoreTel, PC Anywhere, and Yahoo Messenger for example. Groups can also be set up by department or function to match your application security tools. You want a flexible setup to ensure that you can take advantage of virtualization and cloud trends.

In general, IT teams and professionals must think about complete virtualization that includes storage, computing, networking and security, so SonicWALL adopted a new approach while developing this next-gen virtual firewall solution.

This consideration includes:

  • SaaS applications
  • Mobile and global employees and partners
  • Security for cloud environments (including hybrid and multi-cloud)

SonicWALL offers zero-touch provisioning since the security groups and objects mirror how your business is already set up. This lowers your total cost of ownership and lets you take advantage of the latest API-based security if you’re in the cloud.

Why Choose Outsource IT Solutions Group for Help with Your SonicWALL Firewall?

Outsource IT Solutions Group can help with everything from setup to troubleshooting, including:

  • SonicWALL Configuration Summary
  • Creating access rules
  • Setting up service groups
  • Troubleshooting accessing and security

Business technology changes on a daily basis, but Outsource IT Solutions Group never pushes new technology on clients just because it’s the latest and greatest thing. However, the SonicWALL firewall can help you secure your data so you can concentrate on growing your business. We can help you get started or troubleshoot any problems your having with your current setup.

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