What You Should Know Before Buying a Mac

Is your current computer getting a little outdated? Are you looking to make the switch? Are you considering a Mac?

With every major purchase, doing some research on the company and products is an essential step to take before pulling out your wallet.

So, when it comes to Macs, what should you know?

A Brief History

    • 1984: Apple entered the tech world with the first Macintosh
    • 1991: The first Mac laptop, the PowerBook, is introduced
    • 1998: Mac takes the world by storm with the colorful, Original iMac
    • 2000: Modern-day OS X is introduced
    • 2005: Mac begins using Intel processors
    • 2016: Present-day Mac Computer Models: iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air

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The Logistics

Should you get a Mac desktop or laptop?

Currently, for desktops, Apple only offers the all-in-one iMac. You can choose from two sizes – the 21.5” and 27”. They each come with 4k to 5k retina displays. They are both sleekly designed, measuring only 5 mm at the edge. Even with slim aesthetics, they are packed with powerful features, from lightning-fast storage with Fusion Drive to a 4.0 GHz i7 processor.

If you would like to choose a cheaper monitor and purchase a separate computer, you can choose a Mac Pro or Mac Mini. You can choose from a quad or 6-core, 3.5GHz or 3.7GHz processor with the Mac Pro or the compact Mac Mini with a dual-core, 1.4 to 2.8GHz processor.

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You definitely have more variety with Macbooks. Whether you’re looking for portability or power, you can find either one of these features and more with these computers.

  • Macbook
    This is the lightest and most compact Mac to date. The specs include 13.1 mm, 2 lbs, 12-inch retina display with 2304x1440px resolution, and up to 10 hours of battery life. It comes with full wireless capabilities, a single USB-C port to add to the simplicity of the computer, and a powerful sixth-generation Intel Core M processor. You can also choose from a variety of colors, including the newest color to the Apple world, Rose Gold.
  • Macbook Air
    Before the Macbook, this laptop shocked the world with its astonishingly thin size. You can choose from an 11” or 13” display with nine to 12 hours of battery life. It features powerful Core i5 or Core i7 Intel processors and barely weighs over 2 lbs. It offers the latest wifi support with 802.11ac technology and super fast flash storage that operates 17x faster than a 5400-rpm notebook hard drive.
  • Macbook Pro
    The most powerful Macbook of them all is the Macbook Pro. You can choose from a 13” to 15” display with over 4 to 5 million pixels in a retina display. With dual and quad-core processors, 9 to 10 hours of battery life, a variety of apps, and the newest version of OS X, you get all power and flexibility you need.

Operating System
Mac’s current operating system is OS X El Capitan (the name inspired by Yosemite National Park.) This system comes with just the right amount of personalization, allowing you to do anything from edit photos to perfection, surf the web smartly with customizable Pinned Sites, create Notes with photos, checklists, & font styles, and plenty more.

And there you have it.

Before buying a Mac, take the time to understand the history and how far these computers have come, and then weigh out what is most important to you – portability, power, or simplicity.

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