The Benefits of Employee Monitoring

The truth of the matter is – time is money. And when your employees aren’t using that time wisely, it’s costing your business money.

Wondering what’s wasting your money?

  • Email: Over 30%
  • Google: Over 24%
  • Social Media: Facebook: Over 23%, LinkedIn: Over 14%, Twitter: 1%

However, there are ways that you and your employees can come together to produce the most productivity without invading privacy.

Spyware is not the answer – an employee monitoring strategy is.

Create an Employee Monitoring Strategy to Increase Employee Productivity. Start Here.

Using Internet Content Filtering for Your Employee Monitoring Strategy
A few months back, we discussed employee productivity. We uncovered a few internet content filtering methods to help build an employee monitoring strategy, which included:

Implementing an Internet and Phone Usage Policy
This way, you can state within the policy that you will be implementing employee monitoring solutions, and have your employees sign off on it so everyone is on the same page.

Using an Internet Usage Audit Tool
This will generate reports showing any policy abuse and productivity loss.

Installing a Firewall
Instead of constantly having to tell your employees not to use social media or other websites, you can choose the exact sites they can and cannot visit.

How else do the benefits of employee monitoring help your business?

Accurate Billing
If you do hourly work for clients, you can now be sure that you’re billing them correctly by recording hours your employees put into projects when using monitoring tools with time-tracking features.

More Realistic Budgets
Being able to monitor employee activity will help you better define the budget your company really needs for things like resources and salaries.

Access Outputs
Wondering if you’re under or overworking your employees? Time tracking through employee monitoring will uncover how long it takes for a project to be completed, helping you analyze if employee outputs are efficient.

Provide Feedback
With minute-by-minute reports of employee activity, you’ll have a much better understanding of your employee’s performance by the time employee reviews come around.

OSG is committed to your employee’s productivity and your business’ success. Reach out today and we’ll gladly guide you toward the best IT practices.

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