Barracuda: A Must-Have When Switching to Office 365

Migrating your productivity environment to the Office 365 cloud certainly has its advantages: network accessibility from anywhere and at anytime, simplified email access for those within and outside of your organization, and a reduction in overhead cost for business operations and management.

However, the migration process can really open up serious security risks, nevermind the challenges of the transition itself. Be protected before, during, and after your migration with Barracuda, a multi-layer security, backup, archiving, and eDiscovery service for Office 365.

According to Barracuda’s fact sheet, Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 “enables customers to safely, efficiently, and economically adopt Office 365 by protecting users from dangerous ransomware and phishing attacks. It minimizes downtime, ensuring compliance retention, and enabling recovery of Exchange Online, OneDrive, and Sharepoint Online data giving users peace of mind and complete protection in their Office 365 environment.”

The team at Barracuda has your back as you transition to your new productivity environment. They have devised a simple three-step process in order to prep your business for the transition, allowing you to hit the ground running once you’ve gotten to Office 365:

  • Prepare – When preparing to migrate, Barracuda readies your data by managing legacy email data, locating PST files, determining what to keep/migrate, and where to keep your data.
  • Migrate – During the migration, be it weeks or months, Barracuda helps you support and manage users in Office 365 and your legacy productivity environment. In addition, Barracuda can advise you on who to turn to for outside services to ensure a smooth migration.
  • Operate – After you’re in Office 365, Barracuda assures complete email security, secures your most sensitive data, and provides backups in case of data loss due to human or network errors.

Whether you’re in the middle of the switch to Office 365 or you’re already operating within the cloud and are looking to bolster your security and productivity, Barracuda is an essential  “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution.

Barracuda provides additional protections that Office 365 does not provide out of the box. The built-in security features of Office 365 focus only on spam and viruses. Office 365 cannot detect or prevent zero-day attacks, phishing attempts, and other sophisticated malware threats.

What specifically does Barracuda’s software do for your business in terms of security? Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 provides users with a variety of safeguards to ensure cloud security for its adopters:

  1. Email-Borne Threat Protection – Thousands of businesses rely on Barracuda Essentials for protection against email-borne attacks, spam, and viruses. Included are advanced security features, like attachment sandboxing, to make sure email attachments are safe before opening. Also worth mentioning are anti-virus, anti-phishing, and typosquatted link protection to protect against even the most elaborate targeted attacks.
  2. Barracuda Email Threat Scanner – Did you know email is one of the primary vectors for security threats? All it takes is one click on a malicious attachment to infect your network or to execute a ransomware attack, wherein all the files on your system could literally be held hostage by a hacker. Barracuda’s Threat Scanner is a free, cloud-based service with advanced threat protection techniques. One technique includes a full system emulation that serves as a sandbox for “remote detonating” potentially risky files. It’s like your own personal file bomb squad! Also, the Barracuda Email Threat Scanner can detect and report on advanced threats and potential at-risk employees in your company’s email.
  3. Backup and Recovery for Office 365 – Even with the protections against data failures provided by Cloud-hosted environments like Office 365, you still cannot prevent human-caused data loss and email-borne threats. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses of all sizes to have a sound backup and data recovery strategy, Cloud-based or not. In addition, having your data backed up allows you to avoid paying ransom to a hacker in the event of a ransomware attack.
  4. Archiving for Compliance – Protection against outside threats isn’t the only advantage to using Barracuda for Office 365. For both legal and business reasons, archiving emails is important for any business, as is the ability to easily search through these archived emails. Through integration with Office 365, Barracuda Essentials is an easy-to-use, yet effective, email retention and eDiscovery system. Barracuda allows you to search and export archived emails quickly. You can even search through emails through the native and mobile apps when the email service is unavailable. In the case of litigation or investigations, you can put legal holds on archived emails to prevent tampering as well.
  5. AI for Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense – Spear fishing and business email compromise (BEC) have been two of the most imminent threats to business cybersecurity today. This dangerous duo can wreak financial havoc and reputational damage to businesses of all sizes. What makes these threats particularly dangerous is that they are often highly personalized with no malicious links, attachments, or other common red flags. These factors make spear phishing and BEC nearly impossible to detect. Barracuda has a response to these threats — Barracuda Sentinel, the leading AI solution for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense. Sentinel is provided as a cloud service and combines a robust AI engine, domain fraud visibility used with DMARC, and anti-fraud training to protect people, businesses, and brands from spear phishing, identity theft, BEC, and cyber fraud.

If you’re well-aware of the features your Office 365 subscription has to offer, you may recall that the subscription to Office 365 includes both archiving and eDiscovery already. Why would you need two archives?

Well, besides the advantages of having two data backup locations, Barracuda takes an alternative approach by storing a copy of every email that can never be changed, outside of your everyday email environment. This reduces any possibility of corruption or deletion of these emails.

If you have any additional questions on what Barracuda can do for your business and the value it adds to an Office 365 environment, Barracuda FAQs are a great jumping-off point. Contact OSG to help you protect, archive, and backup your company’s valuable data with Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 before it’s too late.



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