3 Tech Tips to Easily Schedule Meetings in Microsoft Teams

3 Tech Tips to Easily Schedule Meetings in Microsoft Teams

When it comes to achieving your professional goals, having the right communication tools at your disposal is key. Particularly if your team is currently working remotely, it’s more important than ever before to keep everyone on the same page with regular check-ins and team meetings.

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool that helps you stay in touch with your employees thanks to a wide range of convenient features. With decades of valuable experience helping businesses like yours enjoy high-quality communication tools, OutSource IT Solutions Group is proud to present the following Tech Tips that will help you schedule Microsoft Team meetings in no time.

Calendar and Chat Options

There are a few different ways to schedule a meeting on the Microsoft Teams platform. If you are using the chat feature, schedule a meeting with the members of your conversation by pressing the calendar icon that is just below the chatbox.

You can also navigate to the Calendar on the left-hand side of the Teams app and click on “New Meeting” in the top right corner.

Lastly, you can schedule a meeting by selecting a range of time in the Calendar with your mouse. A scheduling form will appear, where you can fill out the meeting title, details and attendees. For simplified scheduling, the Microsoft Teams Scheduling Assistant will help find a time that is convenient for everyone. Press “Save” to send a meeting invitation to everyone included.

Setting up Audio Conferencing

Yet another way to facilitate communication within your company is to set up Microsoft Teams’ Audio Conferencing feature. This tool is particularly useful if certain employees would like to use their phone to call into a meeting, as opposed to using the Teams app on their mobile device or computer. It’s worth noting that only team members who will be leading or scheduling meetings need to complete the following steps to set up Audio Conferencing — meeting participants can simply call in without any setup.

Start by checking the availability for Audio Conferencing in your country or region. Next, purchase the proper license for everyone on your team who will be leading or scheduling dial-in meetings.

The next step is to assign the licenses to the correct team members and then obtain and assign service numbers for your meetings — regular numbers can’t be used. Once you’ve adjusted your settings and assigned dial-in numbers to users leading the meetings, you can send out your meeting invitations.

Master Microsoft Teams Thanks to OutSource IT Solutions Group

With Microsoft Teams’ adapted tools, it’s easier than ever before to schedule company-wide meetings every time you need to touch base with your employees. Whether you’re working remotely or in the office, utilizing effective communications tools will revolutionize the way you do business.

For more information about how your business can benefit from the various advantages of Microsoft Teams, simply contact one of our friendly experts at OutSource IT Solutions Group by calling (855) 651-1418 or filling out this quick contact form today.

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