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Switch from VMWare to Hyper-V to qualify for a FREE Windows Server 2016 Datacenter License when you purchase Windows Server Datacenter.

Feature Differentiation: Data Center and Standard Editions

Feature Datacenter Edition Standard Edition
Core Functionality of Windows Server X X
OSEs / Hyper-V Containers Unlimited 2
Windows Server Containers Unlimited Unlimited
Host Guardian Service X X
Nano Server X X
Storage features including storage spaces direct and storage replica X  
Shielded Virtual Machines X  
Networking Stack X  


Why should you switch over to the new Windows 2016 Server?

Nano Server

Outsource IT Solutions Group has been providing comprehensive support for all Microsoft products since 1998.
As a long-term Microsoft partner, we have many Microsoft support certifications, including: Gold Solution Provider, Small Business Specialist, and Value Added Reseller.



The new Windows Server Container is now working closely with the Docker development team. Before, the Containers would only allow you to work in the Linux/UNIX open-source world.
Now you are able you work in the Windows Server Container that is intended for low-trust workloads and the Hyper-V Container, allowing you to isolate containerized Windows Servers.



Storage Spaces Direct

The Storage Space Direct is an all-new Windows Server with features that make it more affordable for administrators to create redundant and flexible disk storage.
You will now be able to extend storage spaces to failover cluster nodes and avoid the previous necessity of a shared storage fabric.



Nested Virtualizion

Nested Virtualization means that you can now have virtual machines host other virtual machines.
In the past this was a ‘no-go” but as Windows has made changes they have finally been able to add this feature.



Shielded VMs

Windows Server 2016 shielded VMs allow you to have deeper, fine-grained control over Hyper-V VM Access.




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