Outsource IT Solutions Group, Naperville IL

Outsource IT Solutions Group, Inc. is a full service IT consulting, networking, and IT solutions firm serving customers in the Naperville, Aurora and Chicagoland area since 1998. We entered the market at the leading edge of modern networking and complex computer systems – and we’ve been there ever since. Our team of trained and certified technicians, engineers, and customer service representatives all work together to ensure that your needs are looked after at every level, from design and implementation to training and maintenance. 

Our Mission:

Outsource IT Solutions Group, Inc. mission is to design high quality, cost effective, technology solutions that provide the greatest return on investment for our growing customer base.

Our Vision:

Outsource IT Solutions Group’s vision is to achieve predictable profitable growth through superior customer service, quality of work, and commitment to excellence.

Our Values:

We will execute our missions and realize our vision by:

  • Hiring the candidates who demonstrate the highest potential to achieve our goals.
  • Retain only exceptional employees who repeatedly exemplify our values, execute our missions and move us toward our vision.
  • Take care of our employees first, our customers, our vendors, and other partners in this order.
  • Accept only the highest level of competency and execution in our team in creating the solutions and solving the problems of our customers.
  • Empathize such that we make the pains and problems of our customers our own so me may move to the solution together equally.
  • Treat others, both externally and internally, the way that we would want and expect to be treated.

Customer Service:

Customer service means many things to Outsource IT Solutions Group, Inc.. It means designing and implementing systems that will help you reach your goals, always being available should a problem arise, and regularly optimizing and maintaining your computer systems so that you have less crashes and downtime, and more time to go about your business as usual. It also means training and explaining the systems to your staff in easy-to-understand language so that your company gets the most from your systems.


Don Sofolo

Don Sofolo

Don Sofolo is the President and Owner of Outsource IT Solutions Group, Inc. (OSG) Mr. Sofolo founded the company in 1998 with the strategic vision to design budget friendly IT systems which help small and medium sized businesses increase profits through the use of technology.  This strategy has helped make OSG one of the most successful Systems Integration/Managed IT Services companies in the Chicagoland area.

As an original Novell Netware CNE, Citrix Certified Administrator and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Mr. Sofolo has always been a strong proponent of industry certification and he still enjoys the “hands-on” aspect of designing and implementing best of breed technology solutions. He can be quoted saying “The Customer’s Perception Is Our Reality”.

Mike Ruter

Michael Ruter

Michael Ruter is the CEO and Co-owner of Outsource IT Solutions Group, Inc. (OSG) and is the leading force behind the vision, strategic partnerships and culture at OSG. Mr. Ruter became part of the OSG team in 2009. Prior to coming to Outsource IT Solutions Group, Inc. Mr. Ruter was the Managing Director of Spherion-Chicago.

Mr. Ruter holds a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois and around the office he is known as the “Excuse Terminator”.