Smartphone Consulting Support Naperville Il

Smartphone Support Naperville

Outsource Solutions Group, located in Naperville IL (60540, 60563, 60564, 60565, 60566, 60567), can help provide you with the support necessary to integrate Smartphone technology into your organization.

A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a basic feature phone. While some feature phones are able to run simple applications based on generic platforms, a smartphone allows the user to install and run much more advanced applications based on a specific platform. Smartphones run complete operating system software providing a platform for application developers. Growth in demand for advanced mobile devices boasting powerful processors, abundant memory, larger screens and open operating systems has outpaced the rest of the mobile phone market for several years. Smartphones have gone from being a luxury to being a necessity in the business world. 

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Primary Smartphone Operating Systems

IOS (iPhone) and Android command the vast majority of the smartphone market domestically.  The % of Blackberry penetration keeps dropping, though there are still some Blackberry loyalists out there.

  • IOS, iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry

Naperville Il Blackberry Support

Though Blackberry sales continue to drop, there are still many loyal Blackberry users and some companies still use it as their Smartphone platform.  Some people (and companies) just refuse to give up their real keyboards.  Though many companies have migrated away from the platform, Blackberry still holds a 20% share of the corporate market.  So, even though sales continue to drop the Blackberry is here to stay………………….at least for a while. 

Windows Smartphone Consulting Support Naperville Il

The Windows Smartphone platform recently passed Blackberry as the 3rd most popular platform based on quarterly sales numbers worldwide (source Wikipedia).  Even though the Windows Smartphone platform has only 3% (though 5% of current activations) of the  market, there are those who feel that its Operating System is best for their environment; given its ability to run Microsoft Office on the device.  Due to its small market share, developers think of this platform very last when making mobile apps.  If mobile apps aren’t important to you and tight integration with Microsoft products is; this may be the platform for you.

Naperville Il Android Smartphone Consulting Support

The Android Smartphone Operating System continues to be the most popular Smartphone platform in the world.  The iPhone continues to command the majority of the Business smartphone activation market.  Overall Android still has over 50% of the overall domestic subscriber base, though Apple continues to gain (a little over 40%).  It seems like many in the business community prefer the safety of the IOS operating system compared to the openness of the Android platform.  The Android is less secure because the open-platform configuration allows it to be used on almost any device.  This makes security harder to control.  Businesses that do use the Android platform typically restrict the devices that will be supported.

iPhone Consulting Support Naperville Il

Even though the Android platform has over 50% of the overall domestic subscriber base, the iPhone is the “People’s Choice”.  This is going to force companies to integrate the iPhone into their environment even though the Blackberry and Windows platform might be better suited for Corporate work.

Key Smartphone Features

  • Operating Systems, allows device to run applications
  • Internet Access 3g/4g
  • Software, “apps”
  • GPS
  • Ability to read e-mail
  • Sync capabilities