IT Services You Need When You Need Them

Whether you run a healthcare business or an advertising firm in Chicago, information technology drives your operations.

And whether you need help migrating your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, or a 24/7 support team to address your technology needs quickly, the team at Outsource IT Solutions the array of IT services you require.

Here are just a few of the services that we offer:


Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are the most cost-effective way to keep your technology secure and running at peak performance. For a fixed, monthly, easy-to-budget-for fee, you can have a full range of professional IT Services. Along with that, you get 24/7 support that prevents downtime and interruptions. This alone can save you untold dollars throughout the year.


Cloud Services

Have you been thinking about moving your IT infrastructure to a more reliable cloud platform? Many business owners are doing this. Cloud services not only ensure business continuity, but they allow your company to grow without the hefty price tag associated with buying new servers, software and hiring IT staff.


IT Security Services

With the rapid strides in business technology, it’s no wonder many business owners struggle to stay on top of it. If you’ve got a thriving business to run, you just don’t have time to keep up with what hackers are doing and how cybersecurity is evolving. And yet, these issues are critical to address if you want to keep from being taken down by cyber criminals in places like Eastern Europe, Russia, or China.


IT Infrastructure Services

Consisting of a combined set of hardware, software, and network resources, a well-designed and implemented IT Infrastructure will help you efficiently deliver the services your customers expect. Our team will ensure you use the right technology, and that it performs as it should.