Author: Stephen Wynn

Will Your Business Need Virtual Desktops After The Pandemic?

Does Your Business Need Virtual Desktops Post COVID-19? Although you may be able to bring your staff into the office soon, it’s important not to forget all the hard lessons learned during this pandemic. A second wave is a distinct possibility, and so, you need to make sure you have a viable remote work plan in place that can be quickly launched. After four months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it...

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Using An Internal IT Department Versus Outsourcing

Should CFOs Continue With Internal IT In A Post-COVID-19 World? CFOs need to start budgeting for the post-COVID-19 world now - a key point to consider will be to what extent you continue with remote work, and whether that will call for a different model of IT support. Have you given any thought to the way your business will operate in a post-pandemic world? According to 317 CFOs recently s...

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WatchGuard Firewall Provides Next-Generation Cybersecurity

Are You Trusting A Consumer-Grade Firewall To Protect Your Business? Who wouldn’t want to save some money by using a consumer-grade alternative to the business-class standard cybersecurity software if it doesn’t make a difference? The problem is, it does. You need a next-generation WatchGuard firewall to keep your business safe. It’s not uncommon for businesses to cut corners here and th...

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