Day: January 24, 2019

Windows 7: Under One Year Until Support Ends

Use Windows 7? Do you love your Windows 7? Will your need or desire to continue to use Windows 7 surpass this year? If so, you should be aware that in just under one year — January 14, 2020, specifically — Windows 7 Extended Support ends for most users. As such, there are things you need to know and decisions you may have to make. This is your guide to understanding what the expiration of Win...

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Thinking Of Moving To The Cloud? (Questions/Answers)

Why Should We Move To The Cloud And Can We Do This Ourselves? Cloud computing is considered one of the most reliable and secure technologies today. And it isn't as hard to use or expensive as some believe. It's simply computing where services like servers, data storage and applications are easily, and securely accessed via the Internet. If you aren’t sure about using cloud computing, consider t...

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